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Welcome to Total Smart Buys!! My name is Marcus Livite. I have had a passion for technology my whole life.  Technology is a never-ending journey through the new and exciting.  There is always something new to learn or some new technology that has hit the market.  There are always those must haves.  Also the best part is, when the new model comes out, last years model is still good but goes down drastically in price.  Go ahead and dive into the site and find some interesting stuff that can be real fun.

Like I said before, technology is my passion. From a very young age I was on a computer.  I was fascinated with computers even before I had one.  I read about the punch card computers and IBM making a massive computer that would only fit in a full room.  I was programming on the first personal computers as young as 10 years old.  I had dialup when it first came out.  I have also tried satellite, dsl, cable and now fiber.  It is amazing that they are bringing fiber directly to the home now!!!  I am amazed at how far technology has gone.

In high school we had some of the very first personal computers.  They were IBMs and they ran on floppy disks.  I mean real floppy disks.  You know the 5.25” floppies that where actually floppy.  I learned to program in Basic and I also learned lotus 123 back when it was DOS based.  Obviously, improvements to computer systems in high school came fast and the school was upgraded.

After high school I kind of veered away from technology and went to a Jr. College to Major in Accounting and Business Administration.  I graduated with my Associates Degree in Accounting and Business Administration and transferred to a University to follow the same path.  I found in the University that this was not the path I wanted to follow.  So, I switched majors to Management Information Systems.  But I soon found out that the University was about 7 years behind in their curriculum for the Mangement Information System program.

I found some accredited schools that had up to date curriculums so I moved to these school and finished my college with a Master’s in Information Systems Management.  But my learning has never stopped even though I have left school and I am out in the real and virtual world.  I have worked in technology for many organizations.  From political organizations to government organizations.  I have also worked for big and small companies in their technology departments.  I have also been part owner in a break fix technology company. 

Now I want to help others who may have an interest in technology and want to learn about new products and increase their understanding of how technology is transforming this world.

From the beginning of my search into Martial Arts to were I am now in Martial Arts, I have had friends, teachers and other students helping me. Martial Arts is something that is passed down from Teacher (student of another teacher) to student. Martial Arts can provide many benefits to people. I want to share those benefits with others and hopefully inspire others to enjoy and love the Martial Arts lifestyle.

Lets dive in the pool together and see what we find.  There is always something new and exciting in the technology world.  Lets discover together.

Here is to your technology adventure

All the best,


Founder of Total Smart Buys


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